Tantric Software for Love

Nik Douglas

Experience the liberating joys of SPIRITUAL SEX ~
the most complete and authoritative guide on Tantra and Kama Sutra

SPIRITUAL SEX reveals everything about Tantra, from its original manifestations in the past to the details of its current practices. All of Tantra’s techniques for prolonged sexual excitement and heightened consciousness, for both men and women, are fully discussed, along with their most controversial and scientific aspects. Also included:
• A manual for Tantric sex—five principal love positions and five evolved ones, and secrets of breath, scent, sound, touch, gaze and sexual expression
• The "Tantrik Order" and Yoga in America
• Sacred Sex in the Near East, Egypt, and Europe
• A Jewish Kama Sutra and other Judeo-Christian sources
• The science of sexology from Havelock Ellis to Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung and Margaret Mead
• Tantra in the twenty-first century and beyond
• Spiritual software and the latest related scientific discoveries

This 2012 TantraWorks Media edition of SPIRITUAL SEX has been much revised and expanded since the original Pocketbooks publication of 1997, which was out of print soon after its release. Key topics have been updated and expanded, an entirely new chapter added, together with extraordinary Tantra Art illustrations through 32 lavish full-color plates.

The continuing demand and with interest in Tantra ever on the rise, this revisit, reassessment and update is long overdue.

Each one of us a spiritual being, each one of us the product of a sexual act. Sex in some form or another drives so much of our lives, from day-to-day interactions to advertising, fashion and the media. Spiritual sex is at the foundation of our existence and the sooner we come to terms with, understand and embrace the traditions, the sooner we will know and experience the true direction of our spiritual evolution.

May this updated edition of spiritual software shed even more light on this fascinating and crucial subject!

Nik Douglas

154 illustrations in B&W

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